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Description of the product Silane Guard

Silane Guard is the best way to protect the body of car

Car owners want for their machines have always had good external state, as a modern coat of paint are of short duration and rapidly lose their appeal, as they are exposed to damage and the negative effects of the environment.

Today there are a large number of tools for grinding and other means to protect the body, but not all of them are effective and are available for purchase. To create a universal medium, which shielded the car from the outer defects, the specialists of the japanese company Willson created a universal product Silane Guardthat is a kind of liquid glass.

The composition and characteristics of the layout of liquid crystal

Silane Guard it is considered the only means that can be used only for its original purpose – the coloration of the surface waters of the elements of the bodywork of the car. It is important to note that after the application and till the moment of drying, machining of spare parts is not based on the dust and not influenced directly to the rays of the sun, otherwise, the composition may not be adjusted to the rust on the surface. Also this should be done only when the positive temperature above +5 degrees.

In terms of composition, in the manufacture of this tool, the japanese company has used:

The price of this product is acceptable and accessible, so you buy the liquid glass can all owners of motor vehicles.

The dignity of the Silane Guard

The Dignity Of Silane Guard

Application of modern technology has allowed the japanese manufacturer to create a unique tool for the protection of the body, which allows you to apply the Polish in layers (thickness of the liquid crystal layer may be greater than the thickness of the layer of wax). Thanks to this coating is very resistant and durable.

Silane Guard refers to a means, therefore, the composition is very economic in the application – a bottle of 95 ml is sufficient for the full treatment of two or three cars. This tool allows you to apply several layers of coating that protects the hood, the doors, the roof and other parts of various defects. Silane Guard it is easy to use the product, that is easy to apply in any body of the elements and do the polishing.

In addition to the excellent protective properties, the product of the japanese manufacturer gives the appearance of a car an incredible shine and luxurious, the persistence of about a year. In the composition of the tool includes the silicon dioxide, that allows to obtain the organic silicon film special force. Thanks to this, the damage of the layer has sustainable hidrfugo effect.

The application of Silane Guard it is especially important when the frequent washings of the machine of the media. When mechanical, without contact or hand washing of paint exposed to chemicals or alkaline detergents, which more intense that it destroys the structure of the protective layer, so they appear small scratches and cracks. To avoid such problems as more worthwhile to take advantage of the liquid crystal.

Silane Guard has the positive qualities:

Before and after use Silane Guard

Before and after the use of Silane Guard 1 Before and after the use of Silane Guard 2 Before and after the use of Silane Guard 3 Before and after the use of Silane Guard 4

Where to buy Silane Guard in italy

Buy Silane Guard

As well as cars that are highly vulnerable to the negative effects of the environment, every owner wants to protect your vehicle from small scratches, cracks and dents of the surface of the body. Therefore, it is normal that italy is different to the increase in demand in the purchase of Silane Guard. Although this product appeared on the world market is relatively recent, has already managed to gain popularity among car fans.

It is worth bearing in mind that buy this product for the protection of the bodywork of the vehicle, not in the traditional shopping malls – you can order online, and only from reliable suppliers. Our shop directly collaborates with the japanese company, so we buy the original in the liquid crystal, in which we give 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer. We wisely made the pricing policy, which allows the most optimal and acceptable price on all their products. With us you can enjoy of a liquid crystal with a comfortable, quick and cheap delivery in all the cities of italy.

To buy Silane Guard to protect the bodywork of the car, to specify the price of the tool, taking into account the delivery in your town or consult with the specialists on important issues, you can contact our managers – we will respond to any questions, tell you about the liquid crystal and we will help you to make an order of purchase of the product.